Our Story

During the shutdown at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, nothing was open and we couldn't find a good cup of coffee anywhere. With a lot of time on our hands, we thought, "why not roast some ourselves?" We did our research and honed our skills and now, we know you'll agree, our beans produce an amazing cup of coffee.

We roast our beans to what is called the "second crack". This speaks to the depth of the roast and it produces fullness and richness to the coffee.

The fun of roasting our own beans in order to have a good cup of coffee turned a hobby - first into something to share and a way to reconnect with people - and now into a business that we thoroughly enjoy. It has brought a fullness and richness to our lives, so therefore we are calling this our "second crack" at life.

We welcome you to wake early with any of our "Daily Grinds" or to settle down with our "Grind and Unwind" artisan blend.